Activities of the Federation

Official recognition by relevant organizations in Macedonia

– On 17.10.2006 – Logo of Macedonian Kendo – Iaido Federation was designed and accepted.

– On 01.11.2006 the assembly of founders of the Kendo-Iaido Federation of Macedonia adopted STATUTE of the Macedonian Kendo – Iaido Federation

– On 10.11.2006 The Basic Court Skopje 1, in Skopje, register Macedonian Kendo – Iaido Federation into register of citizen associations and foundations according Macedonian Law for Citizen Associations and Foundations

Macedonian Agency for Sport and Youth accepted Macedonian Kendo – Iaido federation as juridical person with full responsibilities for promoting and development of Kendo and Iaido sport in Republic of Macedonia, controlling the contests in the country, male and female competitions of all ages.

– On 22.11.2006 The Macedonian Kendo – Iaido Federation become member of Macedonian Olympic Committee.

– On 23.02.2007 all official documents are sent to European Kendo Federation for membership application.

First EKC

– On 26.04.2007 on EKF General Assembly held in Lisbon, Portugal, Macedonian Kendo Iaido Federation was introduced and accepted as member of European Kendo family.

– On 27.04.2007 21st European Kendo Championship

The 21st European Kendo Championship was held in Lisbon, Portugal, April 27-29, 2007. Macedonia was represented by the following Macedonian National Kendo Team members: Zlatko Keskovski, Nikolce Baleski, Andrej Atanasovski and Milan Simovski.

This was a major accomplishment for the MKIF, because it was the first time the MKIF participated in such a renowned and significant competition. During the championship, the Macedonian team member Keskovski earned his first victory, and also gained a tremendous amount of valuable experience that will definitely be of value in future championships.

Apart from of the outcome, participation of Macedonian Kendo Team on 21 European Kendo Championship is viewed positively by the MKIF, because it was an opportunity to compete with Europe’s best Kendo athletes.