MKIF History


Idea for developemnet of Federation for Kendo and Iaido in Macedonia

The way

Idea for development of organized body as association or federation that will rule with Kendo and Iaido art in Macedonia was born in 2003 by several enthusiastic persons who devote their life to Japan Martial Arts as Ju Jutsu, Karate Do, Aikido, Judo, Iaido and recently to Kendo, and they make influence in Macedonian sport society promoting Japan martial arts and culture.

Among those persons are sensei Zlatko Keskovski and Nikola Baleski. They take responsibility to make this idea real, to start development and promoting Kendo Martial art in Macedonia.

At the end of 2004 preparations were made for procurement of Bogu for clubs. This was start year for Kendo in Macedonia. New 10 bogu were bought by Center for Japan martial arts “SAMURAJ DOJO” and shared with Zen Ken Dojo.

In 2005 on initiative of Mr. Zlatko Keskovski and Mr. Nikola Baleski first contact were made with member countries from European Kendo Federation trough letters for cooperation. Two of them, Bulgarian Kendo Federation and Slovenian Kendo Federation express their willing for bigger cooperation with Macedonian Kendo – Iaido Federation [MKIF].

In the same period, on 9-th of May 2005, first initial letter was sent to President of European Kendo Federation, Mr.Alain Ducarme and EKF Secretary General, Mr. Raf Bernaers for starting official communication and informing about membership issue of MKIF.

EKF Secretary General, Mr.Raf Bernaers provide key informations and directions for organizational and structural definition of our Federation, for mandatory documentation so that Macedonian Kendo – Iaido Federation to fulfill condition for membership of EKF.

MKIF start to prepare for all recommended steps for membership in EKF.

After long and detailed communication with Mr.Alexandar Arabadjiyski, President of Bulgarian Kendo Federation and Mr.Edvard Gnjezda, President of Slovenian Kendo Federation, lot of useful information were presented by mentioned Federations and they were accepted and implemented in statute, in organization of Federation, in way of developing Kendo in Macedonia.