Macedonian Kendo – Iaido Federation is a non-profit, non-political sport organization for promoting and development the Japanese martial arts Kendo, Iaido and Jodo in Macedonia. MKIF is established on November 10, 2006 and its authorized by Macedonian Government bodies to promote and develop the practice and spirit of Kendo, Iaido and Jodo sport in Republic of Macedonia, controlling the contests in the country, male and female competitions of all ages.

Idea for development of organized body as association or federation that will rule with Kendo and Iaido art in Macedonia was born in 2003 by several enthusiastic persons who devote their life to Japan Martial Arts as Ju Jutsu, Karate Do, Aikido, Judo, Iaido and recently to Kendo, and they make influence in Macedonian sport society promoting Japan martial arts and culture.

Among those persons are sensei Zlatko Keskovski and Nikola Baleski, working on this idea to make it real, to start development and promoting Kendo Martial Art in Macedonia.

On 26.04.2007, on General Assembly of European Kendo Federation, held in Lisbon, Portugal, MKIF was presented and accepted as a full member of the European Kendo family. Keskovski Zlatko was elected for President of Macedonian Kendo Iaido Federation and Nikola Baleski was elected fro Secretary General of MKIF.

In 2008, respectful Kendo and Iaido teacher, Ishii Takakazu sensei, accepted an invitation to be a technical supervisor of MKIF, and with his experience, expertise and knowledge, make huge improvement of technical level of kendo and iaido in Macedonia.

MKIF, in the past has been a successful host of 3 Balkan Kendo Championship, Open Kendo and Iaido seminars and traditionally organized “Sakura Days”. Organization of 5th Balkan Kendo Championship in Macedonia in 2014, commends the promotion and development of Kendo by Macedonian Kendo – Iaido Federation.

Every year, Macedonian Kendo – Iaido Federation organize cultural manifestations – SAKURA, where several of Japanese martial arts are promoted in the Centrum of Skopje, capital of Macedonia in front of Japanese Cherry trees. Also lots of cultural events about Japanese culture are performed as part of this manifestation.

Today, the intention of MKIF is to host and organize the 27-th European Kendo Championship in 2016 in Skopje, with expected around 700 participants from 40 countries.
President of Macedonian Kendo – Iaido Federation,  Zlatko Keskoski and Secretary General of MKIF, Nikola Baleski, received the official flag of the European Kendo Federation, which formally handed organization of our federation and our country.